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InvoiceLion is a powerful, efficient and intuitive open-source invoicing tool for small business owners. Try InvoiceLion for free!


Simply The Best Invoicing App Out There.

InvoiceLion has the best features for small business owners of any app out there. We know... because we have tried them all. InvoiceLion is the best AND the most affordable.


Do you need to manage hundreds of clients, projects and subscriptions? No problem. Our databases can handle thousands of concurrent users without slowing down.


All functionalities are designed to work with the least possible amount of effort, because your time is money. All functions in InvoiceLion work fast and efficiently.


Invoicing should not be expensive. InvoiceLion is open-source, thus free. The fee for the hosted version (of 10 euro per year) is only meant to cover our expenses.


Our systems have state-of-the art security and have been tested thoroughly. You can upload your data safely to our cloud. We can provide you with a backup if needed.

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How InvoiceLion Works


Sign up at for an account at our hosted platform. Currently we are in a free trial period. Note that after the trial you will have to pay an affordable 10 euro per year.

Book Work

Book work by creating records for hours, deliveries and subscriptions. You must assign a fee and a customer to every record. For hours you can set a default hourly rate and just enter the amount of hours.

Create Invoice

Create an invoice with a single click. When you select the customer, all uninvoiced work for that customer will automatically appear on your invoice. Creating an invoice takes only seconds.

Get Paid

One click is all it takes to send your invoice by e-mail with the invoice attached as a PDF. Sending reminders is also as simple as clicking a button. Just click and relax.

Loaded With Features We Know You Love.

We have been using and optimizing InvoiceLion for years. Recently we have open-sourced it and made it publicly available, so you can use it too.

Cloud Based

InvoiceLion is fully cloud based. Your data is stored safe in the cloud. You can access it from anywhere on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Mobile Friendly

Need to do some invoicing on the go? No problem. InvoiceLion is fully responsive and extremely mobile friendly. To be honest: we do most invoicing on our phones too!

Integrated Time Tracking

The integrated time tracking allows you to track all hours, and turn billable hours automagically into invoice lines with the click of a button.

Recurring Invoices

We call our recurring invoices Subscriptions. Subscriptions allow you to periodically invoice clients for a fixed amount. Start earning a passive income!

Smart Dashboard

InvoiceLion has a smart action driven dashboard. I one glance you know what to do, and even better: you can do anything with just one or two clicks.

Powerful Templates

Our invoices use a powerful templating language that allows you to customize all text on your invoice. Set it up exactly as you want it, or use are great defaults.

Our Users About InvoiceLion

Author image

InvoiceLion is a great software for individuals who own small businesses since it can be used across all platforms. The software gives the user the ability to customize and brand their financial documents by modifying its texts and logo, giving the documents a proffesional look. InvoiceLion has a user friendly interface.

Martin Gabriels @mgabriels
Author image

InvoiceLion helps me with invoicing while also helping me to get a bigger picture view of my business's financial health. I really love InvoiceLion. Thank you guys!

Marvin Johnson @marvinjohnson
Author image

This may sound superficial but the first thing I loved about InvoiceLion was the interface. The icons, the buttons, the way everything looks is so so appealing to me. Using it made me feel like I was getting my financial act together. The time tracker is very useful. Invoicing hours becomes a breeze.

Shikamaru Nara @shikamarunara

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing.

InvoiceLion is very affordable. We currently offer a Free Trial on our Hosted plan. Want to take InvoiceLion for a spin? Go ahead... Get started. It is free!




  • Hosted on Github (code)
  • Free Forever
  • No Automatic Updates
  • No Up-Time Monitoring
  • No Managed Security

Join Our Community of 3,000+ Users.

InvoiceLion is the best kept secret of thousands of small business owners. Our invoices do not contain references to InvoiceLion, which means that your invoices will only contain your name and logo.

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